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Two new college roommates sit underneath their new bunk beds, smiling at each other

Why should I be concerned if my student is drinking underage?

Three college students smile as one student shows them something on her phone

Can I teach my student to drink responsibly?

A mother and daughter talk over a cup of coffee while sitting in her dorm room

What messages should I communicate regarding underage and excessive drinking?

A college man looking sad looks thoughtfully out of a window

How can I reduce the chances that my student will develop a problem associated with drinking alcohol?

A father and his son work on something together on a laptop

How should I get involved prior to sending my student to college?

Two college women, dressed for the cold, smile as they stand outside a subway station

I've never spoken to my student about alcohol--is it too late?

Three college students smile as they study together at a table outside

As a family member, what EXACTLY should I be telling my student about alcohol?

A group of students wearing backpacks with their backs turned towards the camera walk into a school building

What if my student is already drinking or has had some previous alcohol issues during high school--what treatments/resources are available going to college?

A college woman sits on the ground on campus, working on her laptop

What is FERPA? How does FERPA impact my "right to know"?

Two parents sit on a bench with their son. They have their arms around his shoulders and are having a tough conversation.

What can families do following a parental notification?

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